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Towards Zero Emission

We are a group of engineers based in Australia with decades of experience in the field of power generation. Our strategy is to work with global industry leaders to deliver the best value and reliability to our clients.

We provide alternative solutions for generating bioenergy, which is according to IEA the most important source of renewable energy.

Essentially, with our technology you will be able to save millions of dollars in energy cost and save millions of tons of emission in less than a decade by setting up a biogas or biomass plant.

In case of biogas, disposed liquid and solid waste from your plant will be fed into a digestion tank where it will be processed into biogas and digestate residuals. The residuals can be used as premium, and literally odorless, fertiliser in farms and biogas will be used in a small CHP plant to generate electricity and heat.

In case of biomass, the waste will be directly burned in a boiler.

We have the first-class technology and as we are trying to develop our market in Australia and New Zealand, we can give you a very competitive price. We also offer a range of financing solutions which include financing the entire project by us or 3rd party institutions.

If you are interested let’s set up a quick call, and we can discuss any questions you might have. 


Capture biogas from bio-waste to generate power and heat


Biogas could be treated to be used instead of natural gas


Use biomass as fuel to produce heat energy

Reliability at unbeatable price!

We provide people worldwide with high-quality and reliable biomass solutions. Together we can make zero-emission a reality