Bio Gas Installation Processing Cow Dung as part of a Farm
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About Inergy!

We provide people worldwide with high-quality and reliable biomass solutions. Together we can make zero-emission a reality


Capture biogas from bio-waste to generate power and heat


Biogas could be treated to be used instead of natural gas


Use biomass as fuel to produce heat energy

Fields of application

Our company provides first-class biomass solutions 


Energy, fertalisers and additional stream of revenue


Waste to energy plant with modern filtration technology

Food processing

Improve waste management and reduce energy cost

Waste Water 

Anaerobic treatment and power generation


From pre-treatment to gas upgrade and usage


Biological additives to keep the chemistry just right


Biogas is a mixture of gases produced from reaction of organic substances in the absence of oxygen. It contains about 60% methane, 40% carbon dioxide and a small amount of other gases.

Biomethane is the cleaned biogas with about 98% methane. Depending on the type of application, biogas needs to be cleaned and purified in multiple stages. Biomethane could be used in the genset onsite or purified further to be eventually fed to the grid.   

Biomass is organic material used as fuel to generate heat and/or electricity. While it could be used as a generic term, in this context we refer to wood-type biomass used as burning fuel.

The short answer is yes and we can help you with the process.

You don’t have to make any investment upfront, we offer a variety of partnership and investment options to help you reach your goal.

Case studies

What people say

The partnership helps me maintain our family farm inspires confidence in the local community.
Johannes Seneca
We thought that we know very well how to produce animal fodder and EnviTec know very well how to build biogas plants.
Thomas Schulz
Plant Manager
The guys at your company are amazing! Your service has added a great value to life.
Adam Cooper
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